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Basic Knowledge of Clothing Materials (the next part) workwear custom custom workwear

2023-08-15 05:00

6. The classification of textile fiber —— many kinds of textile fiber, can generally be divided into two categories, one kind is our familiar with cotton, wool, silk, hemp, such as natural fiber, they are the growth of natural fiber material, can be used directly spinning weaving, so call them "natural fiber", natural fiber and according to its source is divided into plant fiber and animal fiber, cotton, hemp and other plant fiber is the main chemical composition is cellulose, so also called cellulose fiber. The main chemical composition of animal fibers such as hair and silk is protein, so it is also called protein fiber. The other type is chemical fiber, chemical fiber refers to the textile fiber made of natural or synthetic polymer as raw material. Chemical fiber is divided into man-made fiber and synthetic fiber according to the different raw materials and treatment methods used. Man-made fiber is the use of natural polymer, such as wood, cotton short line as raw materials, according to the appearance of natural fiber such as cotton, wool, through the method of chemical processing, such as rayon. Nylon, vinylon, polyester and so on are all synthetic fiber, they are using coal, oil, natural gas as raw materials, first processed into some basic chemical raw materials, and then through the complex chemical methods made of textile fiber.
7. Classification of fabric —— clothing variety of raw materials, hundreds of varieties, although varied, but are classified according to certain standard, fabric is divided into cotton, wool, linen, silk and chemical fiber; fabric according to color (color), plain fabric (or plain fabric), printed fabric and yarn-dyed fabric.
8. The performance of cotton fabric —— cotton is with cotton fiber after spinning, weaving, weaving, because cotton fiber has many good properties, and back to the quality of cotton has excellent moisture absorption, insulation, comfortable permeability, disadvantage is not resistant to sunlight, acid resistance is weak, prone to mildew.
9. Performance of linen fabrics —— the main properties of linen are: (1) with good strength, natural fiber, the strength of hemp fiber is the best, ramie strength is the best, with good wear resistance and tensile resistance.(2) The hemp fabric has good insulation performance and good heat resistance.(3) The hemp fabric has good moisture absorption, strong water resistance, but the elasticity is the worst in the natural fiber, so the hemp fabric is easy to fold and wrinkle, washing must be pulp or ironing.

10. Performance of wool fabric —— The main raw material of wool fabric is wool fiber, of which cotton wool accounts for about 95-97%, camel wool and mountain wool only account for 1-3%, because the main raw material of wool cloth is wool, so the performance of wool cloth, mainly determined by the performance of wool, the main performance of wool cloth also reflects the performance of wool. The main properties of the wool fabric are as follows: the wool fabric has good water absorption, low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance. According to the textile process and the appearance characteristics of the fabric, the woolen wool is divided into worsted woolen wool and worsted woolen wool: worsted woolen wool is also known as combed woolen wool, Is the use of better wool spinning into combed wool yarn as raw material fabrics, The yarn support used for the fabric is high, Generally after weaving, Characterized by a high density, Tight texture, The side face is smooth and smooth, Clear texture, Chue-dyed bright, soft feel, Smooth and crisp body bones, Better elasticity, Not easy to be stained; Rough spinning wool, also known as rough comb wool, The raw material is mixed with a part of the combed short hair or lower foot hair, Low low lower all yarn lower, Generally using single yarn weaving, Woven surface, After fledging the hair, So the lines are not exposed, With a thick texture, The surface is rich in thread wool, Good warmth preservation.

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