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How to find the right own clothing customization manufacturers?Clothing customization, source manufacturer, strength factory

2023-08-09 14:06

Positioning should be accurate
First, understand which type of clothing you want to make.
Each clothing factory has its own clothing advantage category. Only by matching the superior category and their needs can they strike a balance between price and quality.
Clothing sellers to find a factory should also emphasize the right door. Only by first understanding the main partners of the factory and understanding the grade and style of clothes produced by the factory, can we find the suitable clothing factory.
Choose which plant
① Choose a factory with the ability to design and play boards
② Choose a factory with good health condition (see the true chapter for details. If a factory manages its sanitary conditions in good order, then other aspects of management must be in good order.)
How to trust this factory
① Factory History
If a factory has survived for more than a decade, it is a working factory.
② Age ratio of workers
The stability of the factory is also very important, and the proportion of old workers is large, indicating that the factory staff is stable
③ Which customers the factory has served
If the factory has done a top brand, the quality is guaranteed.
For example, Fengling Clothing has a history of more than 20 years since its establishment in 1996. Most of the workers have worked in the factory for more than several years, customized work clothes for Yunnan Baiyao, Kunming Bus, Chu Orange manor and other well-known enterprises in the province, is a trustworthy factory.

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