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What are the most popular types of tailored suits for men

2023-05-23 13:45

Suits originated in the UK and gradually spread to the world due to the melting of world culture. Suits have also evolved from a single style to multiple styles. Nowadays, suits are divided by regions and tailored to suit men's body characteristics in each region. The five common types of suits are British, Italian, American, Japanese, and Korean. Among them, customized suits, Italian suits and English suits are more popular. So, let's take a look with the editor next!
British suit
The early British suit, derived from tuxedos, has become a casual casual outfit by streamlining the style of the tuxedo suit. British suits can be said to have been loved by gentlemen from the early days to the present. The main feature of British suits is their emphasis on human body shape, while also maintaining a comfortable and convenient sense of dressing. British suits can be used as formal professional attire, and dark suits, vests, and shirts are their regular pairing.
Italian suit
I like trendy Italian suits and have a natural romantic and fashionable temperament. Italian suits enjoy the Zi'an silhouette and high-end suit fabrics brought by suits. Italy, which gathers the world's top suit fabrics, can be said to be picky in suits. They usually prefer to choose a navy blue suit, paired with a dark brown tie, and finally paired with a pair of brown leather shoes, unless necessary for serious occasions, their suit style is trendy.
If you prefer a more orthodox suit design, you can choose British style suits. If you like trendy and fashionable styles, it is recommended to choose Italian style. Each suit style has its own characteristics, and when customizing a suit, you can choose according to your own preferences or body characteristics.

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