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Seriously affecting the operation of companies and shopping malls without being overdressed.

2013-04-24 12:59

Mr. He signed a one-year labor contract with the company, which has not yet expired, but was dismissed because he was complained by a partner for not wearing a work uniform. Mr. He signed a labor contract with Nanking Branch of Bay Logistics Company (hereinafter referred to as "Bay Logistics") on August 17, 2008, and became a full-time employee of Bay Logistics Company. The contract period is one year. He is the driver responsible for delivery. At about 9:30 p.m. on July 4, 2009, Mr. He took his son to a restaurant on the 2nd floor of a shopping mall after work. After eating, he took his son into the restricted area of the shopping mall. In this area, Bei Ye logistics also has an office point, where ordinary goods are imported and exported. So, as usual, Mr. ho is going to take the goods ladder down the stairs. On the morning of July 5, the person in charge of Bay Logistics asked Mr. He to talk to him. He said that he went into the warehouse restricted area of the shopping mall without working uniform on the evening of the 4th. The shopping mall was very dissatisfied. He asked Bay Logistics to rectify and warned the company. The company asked Mr. He to leave Nanjing Branch to work in Shanghai Company for the reason that he affected the project operation between Bay Logistics and shopping malls. Mr. He did not want to leave Nanjing, and the company immediately offered to dismiss Mr. He so that he would not have to go to work the next day. He believes that the company has no reason to expel itself, unwilling to submit a resignation report to the company. About entering the warehouse restricted area, Mr. He told reporters that the company has a regulation requiring employees to wear work uniforms to enter and exit the area, but the provisions are marked on the violation, once found by the company, a fine of 200 yuan. Mr. ho felt that the company could impose a fine on him. On the afternoon of July 10, the reporter contacted the head of Nanjing Branch of Bay Logistics Company. He admitted that Mr. He was their employee. He said several staff members had stopped Mr. He before he entered the warehouse, but Mr. He still forcibly entered. Mr. Ho's behavior seriously affected the project operation of the company and shopping malls, so he had to be expelled. When reporters asked if it was too harsh to get fired just because they entered the warehouse without a work uniform. The person in charge also lists many reasons for Mr. He's lazy, inactive, and bad interpersonal relationship with other employees. He thinks that Mr. He was dismissed because he violated the company's articles of association, so he is not willing to give Mr. He financial compensation. Cai Yihong, a lawyer at Jiangsu Hailang Law Firm, said the reason was not sufficient to dismiss employees simply because they were dissatisfied with their partners because they did not wear a work uniform. The company unilaterally dismisses its employees. According to the new labor law, the company needs to compensate the dismissed employees for one month's salary.

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