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Dear friends, partners and colleagues from all circles of the society:

In retrospect, our company has been making progress and innovation with profound care from all walks of the society. ‘Fengming’ work uniform is famous both in and outside the province. We have gradually grown into a scaled large-scaled garment enterprise.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the Party’s polices and to guidance and care from the government, industrial associations and chamber of commerce. We are grateful to partners from all over the province who would like to work with us for co-existence and mutual win. We are grateful to management staffs and employees at all levels who would like to devote their efforts to the company’s development.

After over a decade of entrepreneurship and development, we have been sticking to the operational concept of ‘quality, high efficiency, integrity and practicability’. In its past course of development, we have rooted solid groundwork in building of workshops and introduction of equipment. We have been constantly intensifying and perfecting quality management, brand promotion and management of sales channels. In research and development of products and innovation of types, we are taking the lead and fashion.

After over a decade, each of our progress and development is credited to guidance, help and dedication from friends and peers who love and care about the company’s course. Thank you all. In recent years, Fengming Clothing has successfully produced around 1 million work uniforms for famous large and middle-scaled enterprises and institutes including ‘Kunming Public Transportation Group Co., Ltd.’ ‘Yunnan Baiyao Group’, ‘Kunming Steel Group’, ‘Zhucheng Manor’, ‘Yunnan Honghe Cigar Mill’, ‘China Mobile Henan Branch’, ‘China Southern Power Grid Yunnan Branch, Honghe Power Supply Bureau’, ‘Yunnan Dali Tobacco Group’, ‘Yi Xin Tang Pharmacy Group’, ‘Yunnan ianzhijia Health Chain Store Co., Ltd.’, ‘Yunnan Shanquan Water Factory’, ‘Yunnan Shennong Meat Group Co., Ltd., ‘Kunming Wanneng Taxi Company’ , ‘Yunnan Infectious Disease Hospital’, ‘Second Hospital Affiliated to Kunming Medical School’’, ‘Yunnan Tumor Hospital’, ;Kunming Yan’an Hospital’, ‘Kunming First People’s Hospital’, ‘Yunnan Hospital of Mental Disease’. It can be said as the biggest approval and support to our company.

2019 is a year with anticipation and challenges. With aggressiveness and self-improvement, we will create more glorifying performance with higher ambition.