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Company culture

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Co-existence of extension and stability, and of talents and career

Joint progress of materials and spirituality and synchronization of quality and brand


Operational concept: embellishing life and servicing the society

Other than producing clothing, the company is in more pursuit of high-quality life. Measured from the personal perspective, the company gives customers care and aesthetic enjoyment to its customers and creates a better life so that their life can be more resplendent. Measured from the overall perspective, its long-term value orientation is to serve the society. It is responsibility a company should have and is the priority of the company.


Company spirit: dedication, progress, tolerance and cooperation

No attention to personal gains and losses and entrepreneurial spirits of never feeling content is the core of its spirit and the valuable fortune for Fengming. Tolerance and cooperation represent its self-examination spirit of its clothing culture. Tolerance hails from morality, and morality emphasizes kindheartedness and lenience. It adopts ‘mutual aid’ to its staffs and creates a platform-based, amicable and equal-right company for its staffs. Instead of having such designations as migrant workers, the company believes that cooperation and mutual-win spirit between the upstream and downstream can guarantee its success.


Company tenet: satisfy the customers and seek for progress for partners

Consumers are the primary targets the company services. Its growth can’t be possible without satisfaction by consumers. Consumers’ support leads to the company’s progress, so we should pay attention to their satisfaction.

A single tree does not make a forest. In its operation and development, Fengming can’t work alone. All progress should be credited to its cooperators. In today’s society when ‘supply chain’ is given more emphasis, we should forever hold to the company tenet of prosperity, mutual boom, cooperation and development with its partners.

We should create values to customers, produce margins to the company, open a career for our employees and contribute to the society.


Company mission

The company’s mission is to take form in development and to transit from qualitative change to quantitative change in constant progress.

Measured from the current situation, its mission is to further propel construction of independent brand and consolidate the groundwork for a century-old company.

Measured from the long-term mission, it is to realize the historic mission of ‘creating an international brand and making a century-old company’.

Attitude of an individual and an enterprise decides the height of career he can accomplish. With ‘creating an international brand and making a century-old company’ as its mission, Fengming should be acquired with the good mindset to face curves and setbacks in the process. Our ultimate goal is to never get proud of wealth rather than wealth itself. Never feel content with yourself refers to that our career can expand along with our mind. ‘Do not feel humble and tampering kindness with severity’. Join me in maintaining a humble mind at all times and aspire to stay away from contentment when we succeed, stay away from remorse in adversity, stick to our own view in matters of principles and maintain flexibility in methods.