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Company advantages

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First advantage: guaranteed quality for raw materials

Our company would directly work with company on spinning, weaving and dyeing. It is advantageous in that it can guarantee stable quality, continued use of company so that people can memorize the company’s color and culture and that people know you are a member of the company at first glance.


Second advantage: products comply with national requirements

All our products comply with national standards with high color fastness and resistance to exposure to sunlight. It can make sure that all products can satisfy users’ demands. It is a company passing certification from the national certification center and its product conforms to national standard in quality.


Third advantage: completed variety of products and adjustment to quantity of all types

Our company would provide over 300 clothing varieties to companies and institutions. We not just satisfy your procurement requirement for bulk products, we can ensure buying of scattering materials. We would arrange professional flow production lines for big order and arrange professional groups for finished goods for small-quantity replenishment.


Fourth advantage: large base of customers and more professional in product

We have formed cooperation with more than 300 companies in the province and have accumulated rich production experience so that we are able to offer more professional and better-qualified products. For example, our company has unique methods. We can ensure fit clothing as long as we have their name, gender, net height, net weight and age. The method is acquired by collecting data of 150,000 people in Yunnan.


Fifth advantage: ‘report’ prevails

Our company is a unit receiving regular and irregular spot inspection and supervision from Yunnan Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau to ensure quality.


Sixth advantage: help companies address actual issues

Companies today do not have a fixed number of staffs. They would embellish company logo on their work uniforms. When staffs quit office, clothing can’t be tackled, and rise in cost is resulted. To address this issue, our company would not embellish company logos on work uniforms. We would customize signboards to the company and add them to working uniforms. When employees leave office, we would dismantle the signboards. Employees who leave office would take away the work uniforms with them. It will not bring about negative impact or add to stockpile of old clothing. It is more convenient for management.


Seventh advantage: guaranteed after-sales services

1. Our company will claim all responsibilities in case products procured from our company have quality issues.

2. We would open special after-sales service department to follow up and conduct after-sales revisit on products procured by our clients so as to timely learn about usage of products and make sure that our products can satisfy our customers.

3. If we detect issues of products when revisiting our customers, we would timely arrange special people to tackle with issues. We can provide services following requirement of your company.