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Basic knowledge of clothing(4) Work clothes custom source strength of clothing manufacturers

2023-08-25 06:00

Standard of Clothing Number:

Clothing number system is a more common method of expressing clothing specifications. It generally chooses height , circumference (chest or waist circumference) to add body type category to indicate clothing specifications. And the standard is the country or the industry sector on the clothing number type to make a series of unified provisions
1. The definition of type; refers to the height of the human body, expressed in centimeters, is the basis for the length of clothing. Type, refers to the human body chest circumference or waist circumference, in cm as a unit, is the basis of choose and buy clothing fat and thin.
2. Body type classification:
Body type classification code name YABC
One waist difference:
Male 22~17 16~12 11~7 6~2
Female 24~1918~1413~9 8~4
3. Type mark: type representation method, number and type between the oblique line, the full body type classification code. Example: 160 / 84A female top, 160 / 68A female bottom, etc

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